The First Method for Modalities Workshop took place in Amsterdam on May, 1999. It focused on the particular relationship between modal formalisms and computer science. While planning M4M-1, we aimed to create an environment in which one could really learn from what the speakers coming from different fields would have to tell us. We settled on long, tutorial-like presentations by invited speakers, complemented by contributed papers and an afternoon for system demonstrations.

The invited talks covered some of the main approaches to modern automated reasoning (resolution and tableaux calculi), discussed techniques for test set generation, model checking and labeled deduction. Submitted papers, on the other hand, contributed further, less traditional angles. System presentations included both classical and state of the art modal theorem provers, demonstrated by the developers themselves, which helped to create a genuine ``hands-on'' atmosphere.

The workshop proved to be a stimulating event that motivated people to share knowledge and expertise. Lecture rooms overflowed as we underestimated the popularity of our late-night-idea. And the ripples created by the pebble we threw back in November 1998 are still moving out from the center.

Approaching: Method for Modalities 7
Osuna, Spain, 10-12 November, 2011.