Methods for Modalities 3





Thursday, November 12

0900-0930 Registration and coffee


0930-1030 Invited talk: Renate Schmidt

    Simulation and Synthesis of Deduction Calculi


1030-1100 Coffee break


1100-1130 Sergey Babenyshev, Vladimir Rybakov, Renate A. Schmidt and Dmitry Tishkovsky

    A Tableau Method for Checking Rule Admissibility in S4

1130-1200 Philippe Balbiani, Fahima Cheikh and Guillaume Feuillade

    Controller/orchestrator synthesis via filtration

1200-1230 Antti Kuusisto and Lauri Hella

    Monadic Sigma 1 1 and Modal Logic

    with Quantified Binary Relations


1230-1330 Lunch


1330-1430 Invited talk: Stéphane Demri

    A magic modality

1430-1500 Jens Ulrik Hansen

    Terminating tableaux for dynamic epistemic logics


1500-1530 Coffee break


1530-1600 Samuel Bucheli, Roman Kuznets and Thomas Studer

    Two ways to common knowledge

1600-1630 Mario Benevides and Luis Menasché Schechter

    A Propositional Dynamic Logic for

    Concurrent Programs Based on the Pi-Calculus

1630-1700 Oliver Friedmann and Martin Lange

    A Solver for Modal Fixpoint Logics


Friday, November 13

0900-1000 Invited talk: Kim Guldstrand Larsen

    Quantitative Modal Logics for Specification and Verification

1000-1030 Valentin Goranko, Angelo Kyrilov and Dmitry Shkatov

    Tableau tool for testing satisfiability in LTL:

    Implementation and experimental analysis


1030-1100 Coffee break


1100-1130 Andrea Masini, Luca Viganò and Marco Volpe

    A History of Until

1130-1200 Dario Della Monica, Davide Bresolin, Valentin Goranko, Angelo Montanari and Guido Sciavicco

    Undecidability of the Logic of Overlap Relation

    over Discrete Linear Orderings

1200-1230 John Jeremy Meyers

    Hybrid Ontology


1230-1330 Lunch


1330-1430 Invited talk: Yde Venema

    Proof systems for Moss' coalgebraic modality

1430-1500 Kurt Ranalter

    Embedding constructive K into intuitionistic K


1500-1530 Coffee break


1530-1600 Daniel Hausmann and Lutz Schroeder

    Optimizing Conditional Logic Reasoning within CoLoSS

1600-1630 Gert van Valkenhoef, Elske van der Vaart and Rineke Verbrugge

    OOPS: An S5n Prover for Educational Settings

1630-1730 Demo session

1900-     Conference dinner


Saturday, November 14


0930-1030 Invited talk: Franz Baader

    Small is Again Beautiful in Description Logics


1030-1100 Coffee break


1100-1130 Inanc Seylan and Wojciech Jamroga

    Coalition Description Logic with Individuals

1130-1200 Daniel Götzmann, Mark Kaminski and Gert Smolka

    Spartacus: A Tableau Prover for Hybrid Logic

1200-1230 Régis Alenda, Nicola Olivetti and Gian Luca Pozzato

    CSL-lean: A theorem-Prover for the logic

    of Comparative Concept Similarity


1230-1330 Lunch


1400-     Excursion



Methods for Modalities