Methods for Modalities 1
Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam, May 6-7, 1999
Thursday, May 6
09:00-09:30, Registration

09:30-10:45, Invited Talk
Chair: Carlos Areces and Maarten de Rijke

David Basin, Verification Based on Monadic Logic


11:00-12:15, Invited Talk
Chair: Hans de Nivelle

Renate Schmidt, Using Resolution for Testing Modal Satisfiability and Building Models


13:15-14:45, Session 1
Chair: Roberto Sebastiani

13:15 A Theory Resolution Style ABox Calculus
Hans Juergen Ohlbach
13:45 Practical Reasoning for Description Logics with Functional Restrictions, Inverse and Transitive Roles, and Role Hierarchies
Ian Horrocks, Ulrike Sattler and Stephan Tobies
14:15 Generating Hard Modal Problems for Modal Decision Procedures
Ian Horrocks and Peter Patel-Schneider


15:00-16:00, Session 2
Chair: Carlos Areces and Maarten de Rijke

15:00 Knowledge in Security Protocols
Annette Bleeker and Lambert Meertens
15:30 A Modal Interpretation of Quantification
Rogier van Eijk, Frank de Boer, Wiebe van der Hoek, and John-Jules Meyer


16:15-17:30, Invited Talk
Chair: David Basin

Patrick Blackburn, Internalizing Labelled Deduction

Friday, May 7
09:00-10:15, Invited Talk
Chair: Hans Juergen Ohlbach

Ian Horrocks, Tableaux Algorithms and Implementations

10:15-11:15, Demonstrations
Location: ILLC, Plantage Muidergracht 24, 3rd floor
  • Cunningham, Pitt, Williams and Kamara, KE
  • Hendriks, Akka
  • Horrocks, FaCT
  • Marx and Schlobach, lc2
  • de Nivelle, Bliksem
  • Patel-Schneider, DLP

11:15-12:30, Invited Talk
Chair: Renate Schmidt

Hans de Nivelle, Resolution Implementations


13:30-14:30, Session 3
Chair: Holger Schlingloff

13:30 Tableaux Based Decision Procedures for Modal Logics of Confluence and Density
Luis Farinas del Cerro and Olivier Gasquet
14:00 Labelled Modal Deduction
Guido Governatori and Antonino Rotolo


14:45-15:45, Session 4
Chair: Patrick Blackburn

14:45 First-Order Linear Time Temporal Logic over Finite Time Frames is not Semi-Decidable
Serenella Cerrito, Marta Cialdea Mayer, and Sebastian Praud
15:15 An Efficient Fragment of Transitive Closure Logic
Natasha Alechina and Neil Immerman


16:00-17:15, Invited Talk
Chair: Ian Horrocks

Roberto Sebastiani, Evaluating the Efficiency of Decision Procedures for Modal Logics

19:00-.., Workshop Dinner

Methods for Modalities
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